Gaaser Put and Take lake

Gaaser fishing-lake is close to the small idyllic town of Gaaser. In scenic areas of the farm 'Nygaard' you can catch large rainbow trout, rent horses and spend the night in tents, shelters or apartments.

The lake which has recently been renovated and expanded is located in scenic surroundings close to the fjord and Hals. It's loaded with big, beautiful fish. The lake is located on the farm 'Nygaard' which in addition to fishing lake also has six good-natured Icelandic horses who can be rented for up to four hours for a nice ride on horseback in the beautiful North Jutland or the white sandy beaches of Hals.

You can also rent a shelter or tent for the night. Close to the fishing lake is a natural campsite sheltered by trees. It costs 25 DKK per person to stay at the campsite which is equipped with benches, tables and a fireplace. You will also have the opportunity to charge your cell phone because there is available electricity.

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Opening hours
01/01/2012 - 30/12/2014 Monday - Sunday 07:00 - 23:00

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Sønderskovvej 192
9362 Gandrup


+45 20787818


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    • Icelandic ponies

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    Longitude : 10.196085
    Latitude : 57.008968