Sea Kayak tour

Sea Kayak

Book here: Sea Kayak Tour (morning tour – for beginners)

There is also an afternoon tour for the slightly experienced, or those participating in the morning tour. Book the afternoon tour here: Sea kayak.

Rowing in a sea kayak is in itself a great experience: please add the beautiful nature along the coastline at Middelfart. It is a unique experience. Always to be remembered. The excursion starts with an introduction to manoeuvring a sea kayak (as sea kayaks are wider than other kayaks, they are very stable on the water).

After changing into kayaking gear, and a thorough introduction, we go out and along the coast, we talk about the unique nature to be found at Fænøsund, and we hear of wars, kings and the importance of Middelfart through history.
We find a good spot to take a break and enjoy our packed lunch.

The tour includes wetsuits and swim vests and sea kayaks with all necessary equipment. It is a good idea to bring a hat to guard against sun or rain, sunscreen and a bottle of water.

The activity is only available during summer months.
We reserve the right to cancel in case of too few participants (under 4), or if the weather conditions are poor.


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Østre Hougvej
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