Circle Bridge

The Circle Bridge is being built over Christianshavn Canal and is a new landmark consisting of five circular platforms.

The Circle Bridge connects Christiansbro and the promenade by Danisco and will be about 38 meters long. The bridge is expected to be done by 2014/2015.

A place to hang out

The purpose of the bridge is not only to make it easier for Copenhageners to bike and walk back and forth. There are also hopes that the bridge will be a new hangout like other public squares and places in the city.

Circular swing bridge

The man behind the Circle Bridge is the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson and it's the Nordea fond that's building the bridge as a gift to Copenhagen.

Canal boats and other minor boats will still be able to sail through the canal. However, bigger boats can get through as well, because the bridge can open horizontally like a swing bridge.

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