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    Copenhagen is rich in history. The Danish capital was officially founded in 1167 by Bishop Absalon, but research suggest that the location was inhabited already in the late Viking age. Copenhagen was a busy and strategically important merchant city throughout the medieval period where it controlled much of the lucrative trade and traffic to and from the Baltic Sea.

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    Copenhagen is packed full of great attractions. If you'd like a little help prioritising your time in the city, this guide is what you need! Here are the most-visited attractions in Copenhagen in 2011...

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    Denmark is a small country with an enormous passion for design. It’s produced many internationally-renowned designers, landmarks and products. Here's a quick list of the biggest and best!

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    Copenhagen is a really green city! It's been voted Europe's Green Capital for 2014 by the European Environment Commission. So this is one place you can visit and leave with a clean conscience, as well as a smile!

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    Come to Denmark and shop in one of the hottest design nations on the planet. From a rich design history, led by legends such as Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner, Denmark’s design sector has grown into a world-leader. From homeware to fashion, Denmark is an incredible place to pick up unique, cutting-edge products or to find that perfect Scandinavian gift. Beautiful shopping streets await in cities across the country, offering international and Danish brands. So pack your shopping bags and don’t forget your wallet!

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    Denmark is one of the world’s leading design centres. Thanks to household names in the 1950s, such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner and Børge Mogensen, Denmark became synonymous with sleek lines, high functionality and new ways of thinking about design. This design heritage continues today, informing everything from Danish businesses to homes.

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Brytyjskie lifestyle'owe czasopismo Monocle, które co rok ocenia jakość życia w 25 miastach, po raz kolejny umieściło stolicę Danii prawie na szczycie rankingu.